The Grey Situation Decision Analysis on Regional Distribution of Grain and Oil Crops

  •  Jun-an Chen    
  •  Fang Wang    
  •  Hong-an Xiao    


Regional crops distribution is an import subject for developing modern agriculture now. Based on existing distribution
of 7 grain and oil crops in Sichuan province, this paper chose 5 economic evaluation indexes to discuss the regional
distribution of grain and oil corps in Sichuan with the method of grey situation decision. According to the row decision
and column decision, this paper shows that the sorting result of the advantage grain and oil crops in 21 cities and
prefectures of Sichuan province and the adaptability sorting result of 7 grain and oil crops in each region in Sichuan
province, which provides scientific basis for the distribution of grain and oil industry in Sichuan province.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.