Zero-One Programming Model for Daily Operation Scheduling of Irrigation Canal

  •  B. Ramesh    
  •  K. Venugopal    
  •  K. Karunakaran    


Irrigation scheduling is one of the important managerial activities that aim at effective and efficient utilization of water.
A number of scheduling techniques are available today. Despite this, irrigation scheduling is only at inception level in
most of developing countries. In India also there are many methods of irrigation scheduling to canals are available. The
drawback of this method of operation of laterals is highlighted in this paper. Further, operations of the laterals are to be
simple so that the system can be managed easily. In addition, the supply to laterals should match with the day supply in
the canal and total supply for the period. In this paper a Mixed Linear Integer Programming model is described, which
aims at daily scheduling of laterals from the canal considering the constraints of the system. It is proposed to run the
laterals, (except a lateral which is proposed to operate at variable discharge) either full/half or closed condition for
making the laterals operation simple. This Zero-One Mixed Linear Integer Programming model is applied to a field
problem to derive daily operation scheduling of laterals of the system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.