An Analysis of Oilseeds and Pulses Scenario in Eastern India during 2050-51

  •  Anil Singh    
  •  ManiBhushan ManiBhushan    
  •  BP Bhatt    
  •  KM Singh    
  •  Ashutosh Upaadhaya    


India is no longer dependent on other land produce especially with respect to food grains, thanks goes to policy planner researcher and the most to our farmers who make this dream to happen in our life time. We have to have worked hard systematically to prove our credential with regards to oilseeds and pulses. India is the world leader in production, consumption and import as well in case of pulses and not for behind in vegetable oils. India imports 2-3 Mt of pulses on regular basis and 9.2 Mt of vegetable oils during 2010-11.Currently India is in the mid-way of self-sustaining in oilseeds and pulses production. By the 2050, India as a whole will be able to sustain their production. Indian will produced plenty with respect to both the non-food commodity i.e. oilseeds and pulses. India may emerged as net exporter from being net importer for century the with respect to oilseed, and most probably for pulses also. Keeping in mind the socio-political situation and poor land to man ratio in eastern region the likelihood for oilseeds and pulses is not at all in bad shape. Inclusion of soybean and summer sesamum as oilseeds crop, nonconventional legume like faba bean and cowpea and summer mungbean in irrigated condition, cropping system approach especially intercropping are one of few options for horizontal expansion coupled with several technologies niche for vertical acceleration of production and productivity.


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