Comparison of Parameters Affecting Flower Color in Gerbera hybrida: A Phytochemical Study on New Varieties

  •  Abdollah Hatamzadeh    
  •  Razieh Akbari    
  •  Reyhaneh Sariri    
  •  Davoud Bakhshi    


Anatomical and biochemical studies of pigments in different varieties of Gerbera hybrida revealed the correlation of effective parameters on flower colors. Results showed that interactions of the parameters affecting color are different in various varieties, So that effect of co-pigmentation index occurred only in “Bastion” or interaction of biochemical and anatomical factors in “Rosalin” had presented a mat color in comparison to “Carmen” or “Purple Prince” with a velvety texture. Microscopic studies of epidermal cells confirmed presence of globular bodies in petal cell vacuoles of “Carmen”, “Cacharell” and “Rosalin”, while in “Purple Prince” revealed as masses or unformed packages. Also in Scanning Electronic Microscopic studies, epidermal cell shapes revealed as elongated cells with multiple papillae in all varieties, although their arrangement on epidermal cell surfaces varied in different varieties. The results of this study showed the role of relationships of anatomical and biochemical factors on gerbera flower colors in different varieties.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.