Study of Site Specific Nutrients Management of Cowpea Seed Production and Their Effect on Soil Nutrient Status

  •  Anil Singh    
  •  B. Bhatt    
  •  P. Sundram    
  •  Santosh Kumar    
  •  R. C. Bahrati    
  •  Naresh Chandra    
  •  Mathura Rai    


To produce anticipated output of any crop, the site specific nutrients management (SSNM) is essential for balance and adequate nutrients supply without impairing the inherent fertility status of soil. For cowpea seed production and to maintain soil nutrient status, a field experiment was conducted with nine treatments (nutrients combinations) to find out appropriate SSNM practice. Nutrients especially N, P, K, S, Zn and Bo requirement for cowpea seed production was estimated to 30, 60, 50, 30, 15 and 2.0 kg per hectare respectively and treated as 100% of SSNM. Growth and development parameters were significantly influenced with the treatments. Maximum plant height (61.9 cm) was recorded when crop was fed with 125 per cent of SSNM. However minimum plant height (54.8 cm) was recorded in case of SSNM-N. Leaf Area Index (LAI) at 60 DAS ranged from 3.37 to 3.91. Nodules dry weight was significantly influenced by boron treatments apart from nitrogen and other as well. Maximum seed yield was obtained (2237.2 kg /ha) in the plot fertilized with 125 per cent of SSNM and minimum (1343.5 kg/ha) was recorded in the plot fertilized with state recommendation. Highest and lowest gross ( 40270/- and  24183/-) was recorded with 125 per cent of SSNM and with state recommendation respectively. Application of 125 per cent of SSNM recorded maximum uptake of nitrogen (205.3 kg / ha) which is at par with 100 % of SSNM. None of the treatment influences significantly soil fertility and physico-chemical properties of the soil rather slight improvement were recorded in all the observed parameters though considerable build-up of available P and exchangeable K was noticed in plots fertilized with SSNM.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.