Aboveground Biomass of Selected Provenances of Acacia Mangium and Acacia Aulacocarpa Multiple-leadered Trees

  •  Sapari Mat    
  •  Nor-Aini Ab-Shukor    
  •  Mohd-Zaki Hamzah    
  •  Rosenani Abu-Bakar    
  •  Mohd-Fauzi Ramlan    
  •  Hazandy Abdul-Hamid    
  •  Abdul-Latib Senin    


Acacia mangium Willd. and Acacia aulacocarpa A. Cunn Ex. Benth are two important Acacias for biomass production.
Being multiple-leader (ML) and fast growing species, both species are the best bet for carbon sequestration and
bio-energy supplementary. The main objective of this study was to assess the aboveground biomass and to derive
aboveground biomass equations of these species and provenances. Destructive sampling was carried out with 36
samples per species and diameter at breast height (Dbh) and categorized into three classes namely small (11-15 cm),
medium (16-20 cm) and big (21-25 cm) for A. mangium and 6-10 cm, 11-15 cm and 16-20 cm for A. aulacocarpa
respectively. A. mangium from SW of Boset WP (PNG) produced 380.83 t/ha of aboveground biomass, Captain Billy
Road (QLD), Bansbach WP (PNG) (224.44 t/ha) and Russel and Gap CK (QLD) (49.63 t/ha) while for A. aulacocarpa;
provenance from Arufi E Morehead WP (PNG) (171.88 t/ha), W. Morehead (PNG) (150.90 t/ha), Samford (QLD)
(63.87 t/ha) and 3K S Mt. Larcom (QLD) (25.32 t/ha) respectively.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.