Modeling Some Physico-Mechanical Properties of Tomato

  •  Mohammad Ali Ghazavi    
  •  Rahim Karami    
  •  Mahmood Mahmoodi    


The purpose of this study was measuring some physico-mechanical properties of tomato varieties (‘Kariz’, ‘Darbigo’, ‘Falkato’, ‘Newton’, and ‘Shaqayeq’) for three ripeness levels as a completely random factorial test; furthermore estimating the mass of the samples, using some new mathematical models, and volume, using image processing techniques. It was signified that the ‘Kariz’ had the most volume, total soluble solids, and sphericity among the varieties and was suitable for paste industry, furthermore due to its highest elasticity modulus (E=0.167 Mpa), had the most resilient. After comparing the relations of estimating the mass, the regression model using three dimensions (length, width, and thickness) had the highest accuracy (M=-183.298+2.272T+1.286W+1.414T with R2=0.96 and RSE=4.44). The external ‘Falcato’ stiffness was the lowest among the varieties ranged from 6.31-7.01 whereas the most stiffness was related to the green ripeness.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.