The Effect of Camera and Light Source Characteristics on Image Quality in Machine Vision Application in Food Industry

  •  Razieh Pourdarbani    
  •  Hamid Reza Ghassemzadeh    
  •  Hadi Seyedarabi    
  •  Fariborz Zaare Nahandi    
  •  Mohammad Moghaddam Vahed    


Machine vision technology has been used in a variety of agricultural and food industries applications ranging from planting and postharvest operations to food processing and inspection. High quality image has an essential role in successful application of machine vision technology. To acquire the best image for a specific application, an appropriate camera along with correct light source must be chosen. In the present work, two different types of light sources, namely LEDs and Fluorescent along with two models of camera namely, Proline and Telecam were used. The completely randomized experiment was carried out and 10 standard RAL white card images were captured during each treatment. The RGB values of images were extracted by Image processing toolbox of Matlab software. Comparisons were made between these values and those of standard card values i.e. 255 using SPSS software. LEDs along with camera Telecam proved to be an appropriate combination if high quality images are desired.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.