Genotypic Variation in Dry Weight and Nitrogen Concentration of Wheat Plant Parts; Relations to Grain Yield and Grain Protein Concentration

  •  Ali Hafeez Malik    
  •  Allan Andersson    
  •  Ramune Kuktaite    
  •  Muhammad Yaqub Mujahid    
  •  Bismillah Khan    
  •  Eva Johansson    


This study aimed at investigating genotypic variability in nitrogen (N) concentration and dry weight of wheat plant parts and their relation with grain yield and protein concentration. Sixteen Nordic and three Pakistani wheat genotypes were grown in controlled climate chambers. Plant parts such as shoot, roots and grains were collected after harvesting, weighed and N concentration was determined. The results showed a large genetic variation for dry weight and N concentration in the various plant parts. Grain weight (GW) was negatively correlated with biomass in the vegetative parts of the plant and with grain N concentration (GNC). A spread distribution was found among the investigated genotypes related with the correlation between different investigated parameters. From a breeding perspective, the genotypes APU and Møystad were of interest due to both a relatively high GW and GNC. Lanor, Saffran, Auqab and Lavett were interesting genotypes, the two first ones combining high GW, and the two last ones combining high GNC, with low RNC and high RW. By combining information of dry weight and N concentration in various plant parts of a genotype, options are increased for a successful breeding of environmentally sound cultivars with high grain yield and high grain protein concentration.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.