Measurement of Dielectric Behavior of Fertilized Soil at Microwave Frequency

  •  Vivek Yadav    
  •  Anil Kumar    
  •  Sudeep Sharan    
  •  AK Sinha    
  •  Mahaveer Yadav    
  •  VK Gupta    
  •  RA Jangid    


The paper presents the experimental results which have been carried out for understanding the behavior of solid
dielectrics in the form of soil at microwave frequency and check the dielectric and electric response of some fertilizers in
soil in presence of microwave energy. A simple and rapid measurement method (two point method) was used to determine
the dielectric constant at microwave frequency. The microwave beam generated by microwave source was reflected by
the dielectric sample which was placed in rectangular waveguide and fundamental mode was considered. The microwave
source reflection klystron of frequency range of X- band was used. The soil samples were prepared by mixing different
concentrations of some fertilizers in soil. The soils were taken from ‘Behror Alwar (RAJ)’ and different fertilizers ‘Urea,
Shree Ram-33, Shree Ram-50P, D.A.P., Mosaic’ were taken from market.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.