Determination of Soya Plant Population Using NDVI in the Dasht-e-Naz Agri-Industry

  •  Hojat Ahmadi    
  •  Kaveh Mollazade    


Numerous efforts have been made to develop various indices using remote sensing data such as normalized difference
vegetation index (NDVI), and vegetation condition index (VCI) for mapping and monitoring of yield estimating and
assessment of vegetation health and productivity. NDVI and other indices that derive from satellite images are valuable
sources of information for the estimation and prediction of crop conditions. In the present paper, NDVI data of
Dasht-e-Naz in Iran in 2006 have been considered for crop yield assessment and estimating. The results showed that
there is acceptable relationship between NDVI and Soya plant population. The correlation between NDVI and plant
population in high plant population area of field was (R2=0.923) and for low plant population area was (R2=0.249). The
crop population models were discussed about high and low plant population in the present paper and could improve in
future with the use of long period dataset. Similar model can be developed for different crops of other locations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.