Evaluation of Quantitative and Qualitative Traits of Forage Sorghum and Lima Bean under Different Nitrogen Fertilizer Regimes in Additive - Replacement Series

  •  Zandvakili Reza    
  •  Iraj Allahdadi    
  •  Dariush Mazaheri    
  •  Gholam Akbari    
  •  Emad Jahanzad    
  •  Mohammad Mirshekari    


In order to study the effect of intercropping on forage yield of Sorghum and yield components of lima bean at different planting proportions and nitrogen fertilizer levels, an experiment was conducted at the research farm of University of Tehran in the year of 2009. Quantitative attributes such as dry weights of sorghum, yield and yield component of lima bean were measured in two sampling during growth season. The highest fresh and dry weight of sorghum fodder belonged to additive proportions of sorghum. Nitrogen application treatments had significant effect on sorghum total dry matter of fodder (160 urea Kgha-1) and total yield of lima bean (80 urea Kgha-1) seed. Evaluation of Land Equivalent Ratio (LER) indicated that the highest LER obtained in the combination of 100% sorghum and 20% lima bean which indicates the advantage of intercropping (LER=1.26).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.