Analysis of Marketing Channel and Pricing System of Cashewnuts in the North Central of Nigeria

  •  P.E. Adejo    
  •  J.O. Otitolaye    
  •  U. Onuche    


This study examined the marketing channel and pricing system of cashew nut in the eastern part of Kogi state. A total of 180 respondents were randomly selected from 3 market zones of the area. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The result from the study indicated a unidirectional movement of cashew nut from the producers to the final consumers. 14.67% of the marketers were involved in retailing and small scale business, 38.33% were bulk assemblers and 20.00% of them engaged in wholesales. This signifies the dominance of the middlemen in the marketing activities of the study area. An average peak price of N60000.00k/ton was recorded in the months of September-October, while the least prices were recorded before and at the beginning of cashew nut production period. The marketing of cashew nut is mostly affected by price instability due to seasonality nature of its production and lack of storage and processing facilities. However, a controllable pricing system for efficient and effective marketing can be ensured by proper storage and consistent supply of cashew nut in order to keep the market active all through the year.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.