Predicting Rheological Properties of Wheat Dough Based on Wheat Characteristics

  •  B. Brorsen    
  •  Patricia Rayas-Duarte    
  •  Dasheng Ji    



The objective of this study is to find the relationship between rheological properties of wheat dough and some easily measured kernel properties. Hard red winter wheat samples (449) from four crop years were collected at grain elevators throughout the U.S.A. state of Oklahoma. The effects of single kernel characterization, test weight, and kernel protein content on dough Farinograph properties are analyzed. Both a four-year pooled model and single-year models are estimated. Across the Farinograph variables (absorption, peak time, and stability), the most reliable measures for predicting the dough properties were wheat protein and kernel hardness. Test weight was often significant, but test weight had negative effects in some years and positive effects in others. Kernel hardness is a measure that could be added to the current industry use of test weight and protein.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.