The Recognition of Carbon Capture and Storage by Plants

  •  Arnaud Muller-Feuga    


The postulate that CO2 is responsible for global warming is accepted by most governments which put in place restrictions and compensation for emissions of this gas. This resulted in the development of a carbon market and of the practice of carbon capture and storage (CCS), mainly by geological burying. CCS by plants, which allows the return of CO2 to the atmosphere, should be preferred to CCS by burying which contributes to its lithification. Plant production captures this gas directly from the atmosphere using solar energy and stores it for a few months to a few centuries. Plant CCS figures are calculated for the world, the United States, Europe, France and Kenya, then compared to CCS ambitions. They show that agriculture and forestry absorb 21GtCO2/year, more than half of global emissions by combustion of fossil hydrocarbons. This CCS function devolved to the peasantry complements that of supplying humanity with essential foodstuffs and should constitute a new source of remuneration for professions which often struggle to transmit, invest and innovate to ensure their future.

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