Dairy Farming Technologies and Tharparkar Native Cattle Breed Imrovement for High Fat-Quality-Milk Yield

  •  Om Singh    
  •  A. K. S. Tomar    
  •  Ayushi Singh    


The opening balance of Tharparkar cattle as on 01.04.2011 was 154 heads (30 males and 124 females). The M:F ratio of new calvings was 1.00:0.95. The closing balance of the Tharparkar cattle herd as on 31.03.2012 was 98 cattle heads (15 males and 83 females). The overall mortality percent in Tharparkar herd was 4.62%. The overall conception rate in Tharparkar herd was 64.78%. The figures in heifer and adult groups were 63.63 and 65.30%, respectively. The overall calving abnormalities were 34.15%, which included 7.32% abortions, 2.44% unseen abortinos, 7.32 retained placenta, 2.44% premature births, 9.76% prolapses and 4.88% still first calving, service period, dry period and calving, service period, dry period and calving interval were 1056.67±90.22, 230.34±20.63, 292.05±118.36 and 472.46±28.95 days, respectively.Tharparkar cattle produced 21679 kg milk during the current year. Means for overall wet and herd averages were 3.39 and 1.48 kg, respectively. On the basis of analysis of 384 milk samples, the overall Fat, SNF and Total Solids were 4.34, 8.77 and 13.12% respectively.The least squares’ means (LSM) for overall live body weights at birth, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months of age were 21.27±0.48, 56.18±2.33, 108.52±3.27, 171.34±7.77, 230.79±2.56 and 260.06±3.98 kg, respectively. The opening balance as on 01/04/2010 was 143 heads (23 males and 120 females). The Tharparkar produced 38,001 kg milk during current yearwhich was 1,546 kg more than that of previous year (36,455.0 kg). Means for overall wet and herd averages were 3.86 and 1.50 kg, respectively, under suckling system. On an average, 28.25 of total adult females were in the milk during the year, 2010-11. On the basis of 574 milk samples the overall fat, SNF, and total solids % were 4.52, 8.84 and 13.36, respectively.

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