Advances in Dairy Farming Technologies and Multiplication of Vrindavani Cattle for High Fat and Clean Milk Production

  •  Om Singh    
  •  A. K. S. Tomar    
  •  Ayushi Singh    


At ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatagar, Bareilly, UP, India at Cattle and BuffaloFarm the opening balance of Vrindavani cattle as on 01-04-2011 was 500 heads (95 males and 405 females). Additions in the herd were due to birth of 82 female and 93 male calves (175 heads). The closing balance of the Vrindavani cattle herd as on 31-03-2012 was 358 heads (46 males and 312 females). The overall mortality per cent was 5.78%. The overall female mortality was 5.95%, whereas for males it was 5.32%. The overall culling per cent was 27.56 with repective values for male and female culling % as 25.00 and 28.54, respectively.Vrindavani cattle produced 536846.0 kg milk during the current year. On an average, 78.8% if the total adult Vrindavani females were in the milk during the year. Means for overall wet and herd averages were 10.53 and 8.31 kg, respectively. The Fat, SNF and Total solids were 4.30%, 8.76 and 13.06%, respectively. The LSM’s for total lactation milk yield, total lactation length, 305 days milk yield, milk yield per day of 305 days lactation period, peak yield, days to attain peak yield and weight at calving were 3499.48±38.11 kg, 316.33±3.81 days, 10.74±0.14 kg/d, 3492.63±73.59 kg, 11.46±0.24 kg/d, 18.41±0.26 kg, 71.42±7.91 days and 405.96±4.23 kg respectively.The least squares’ means (LSM) for overall live body weights at birth, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months of age were 22.25±0.33 m 45.23±0.95, 90.92±1.59, 150.15±3.22, 246.23±3.53 and 300.08±4.06 kg., respectively.Vrindavani cattle produced for 305 days as lactation period. The herd strength of Vrindavani as on 01/04/2010 was 532 heads (74 males and 458 females). Vrindavani cattle produced 6,18,684 kg milk during the current year.On an average 71.03% of the total adult Vrindavani females were in the milk during the current year.Means for overall wet and hered average were 10.82 and 7.75 kg, respectively.

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