The Classification, Isolation and Function of Amino Acid Transporters in Plants

  •  Bo Peng    
  •  Qing-Xi Zhang    
  •  Juan Peng    
  •  Xiao-Yu Sun    
  •  Yan Liu    
  •  An-Qi Lou    
  •  Jing Qiu    
  •  Yan-Yang Sun    
  •  Ya-Qin Huang    
  •  Xiao-Hua Song    


Amino acid transporters (AATs) have essential roles in transport of a broad range of amino acids, which are indispensable in plant growth and development. While many putative AATs have been identified and the complete genomic sequences of the important plants have already been completed by splicing and assembling, there is still little known about the functions of different AATs and their effects on plants. Therefore, this study mainly reviewed the role of AATs in plants from three aspects: the classification, isolation and cloning of AATs and the functional research of AATs. This review would provide useful references for the utilization of AATs in staple food crops.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.