The Role of Jordanian Agricultural Policies in Climate Change Responding Affecting Agricultural Production

  •  Radi A. Tarawneh    


A study was conducted in Jordan to evaluate the role of Jordanian agricultural policies on agricultural production under the effect of climate change. A scientific questionnaire was distributed to 100 samples of Jordanian citizens who had direct contact with the effect of agricultural policies and they can touch the effect of climate change and agricultural policies on the agricultural production, data selected from farmers, agricultural rural communities, agricultural sector decision makers, and agricultural researchers were selected randomly from different areas in Jordan. The results show that Jordanian are aware of the climate change effect on the agricultural sector and agricultural production, they believe that the most effective ways to face the negative effect of climate change on agricultural production by implementing agricultural regulations and policies which try to develop the Jordan agricultural sector under the effect of climate change. On other hand, results show a significant effect of agricultural policies to adapt and face the climatic changes in Jordan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.