Elaboration of Blends of Pitaya Pulps With Acerola

  •  Maria S. de Moraes    
  •  Rossana Maria Feitosa de Figueirêdo    
  •  Alexandre J. de M. Queiroz    
  •  Luís P. F. R da Silva    
  •  Mailson G. Gonçalves    
  •  Adolfo P. de Oliveira    
  •  Janaina A. D. Esmero    
  •  Nágela M. H. Mascarenhas    
  •  Joana D. P. de Matos    
  •  Semirames do N. Silva    
  •  Dannaya J. G. Quirino    
  •  Airton Gonçalves de Oliveira    
  •  Agdylannah F. Vieira    
  •  Morgana A. Araújo    
  •  Moisés Sesion de M. Neto    
  •  Francislaine S. dos Santos    
  •  Raimundo C. M. Rodrigues    
  •  Magaly M. L. da Costa    


Pitaya and acerola are fruits rich in nutrients and can be used in blends formulation in order to improve the sensory characteristics of both pulps in isolation and complement each other in terms of nutritional aspects. Thus, the aim of this research was to develop different blends of pitaya pulp with acerola and choose the best formulation based on physical-chemical and colorimetric characteristics. Three blends formulations were prepared: F1-90% pitaya and 10% acerola; F2-70% pitaya and 30% acerola; and F3-50% pitaya and 50% acerola. The formulations were evaluated for physical-chemical parameters of water activity, water content, ash, total soluble solids (SST), pH, total titratable acidity (ATT), SST/ATT ratio, ascorbic acid, proteins, lipids, sugars totals, reducers and non-reducers and colorimetric analysis. The obtained data were subjected to variance analysis (ANOVA) and to comparison between means by the Tukey test at 5% probability. The formulation F1 stood out when compared to the others. The parameters pH, soluble solids, ratio SS/ATT, ash, water content, water activity, proteins, sugars, luminosity and hue angle were the ones that gave the formulation F1 the best results. However, it is noteworthy that the formulation F3 presented a greater amount of ascorbic acid and higher values of a, b and chroma in the colorimetric analysis. The use of these fruits allows to obtain an innovative product with excellent nutritional and functional characteristics. The blend is a viable alternative for the use of perishable and seasonal fruits, adding greater economic value to the very promising product to the market.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.