Toxicity of the Bt Protein Cry1Ac Expressed in Leaves of the Event of Transgenic Soybean Released in Paraguay Against Spodoptera cosmioides

  •  Cinthia Sosa    
  •  Victor Gómez    
  •  Maria Ramírez    
  •  Edgar Gaona    
  •  Magin Gamarra    


Spodoptera cosmioides Walk (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) is a polyphagous species, considered a secondary pest in soybean crop. The Intacta soybean (Bt soybean) event was released in Paraguay with Bt proteins which are supposed to be toxic for caterpillars. However, the effects of these proteins in the Spodoptera cosmioides biology still uncertainty. This study evaluated the biological activity of Bt soybean in S. cosmioides that were fed on Bt and non-Bt soybean leaves under laboratory conditions. The experiment was carried out at the Laboratory of Entomology; temperature 26±2 ºC; relative humidity: 60±10%; photoperiod: 14:00 h where 150 neonate larvae were used per treatment. The period and viability of each stage, the mortality of larval, number of eggs and neonate per couple, and the period of larvae to adult were the assessed variables. Higher mortality was observed in larvae fed with intact soybeans, but without statistical differences with non-Bt soybeans. For larval survival, period, number and total period, no statistical differences were verified. Higher percentage of fertility was observed in soybeans non-Bt but no statistical differences.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.