Research on the Improvement of Village Governance Efficiency Based on Blockchain Technology

  •  Bu Huabai    
  •  Bu Jiaqi    


It is known that China is in the critical “triple overlap” period of the history of social transformation, the fourth industrial revolution, and new globalization. As a disruptive technology, blockchain has solved the “trust construction” and causing a revolution in the social governance model. The article uses blockchain technology as a means to solve the problems of the existing rural governance structure and governance capability system, analyzes the mechanism and implementation bottleneck of blockchain technology, and proposes countermeasures and policy suggestions to improve the effectiveness of village governance, such as the distributed characteristics and the traceable characteristics of the blockchain can be used to build a multi-level response and personalized service integration and a self-organized operation mechanism in rural areas to promote governance responsibility mechanisms and reduce the risk of information fragmentation, data uncertainty, and governance control risks, etc. These policies and suggestions provide a good theoretical basis and method guidance for China’s rural revitalization strategy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.