Genome Introgression of Híbrido de Timor and Its Potential to Develop High Cup Quality C. arabica Cultivars

  •  Tesfahun Alemu Setotaw    
  •  Eveline Teixeira Caixeta    
  •  Eunize Maciel Zambolim    
  •  Tiago Vieira Sousa    
  •  Antônio Alves Pereira    
  •  Antonio Carlos Baião    
  •  Cosme Damião Cruz    
  •  Laércio Zambolim    
  •  Ney Sussumu Sakiyama    


Híbrido de Timor is the principal source for disease and pest resistance genes in C. arabica breeding program worldwide. The part of the chromosome responsible for resistance introgressed from C. canephora to Híbrido de Timor are claimed to affect the cup quality of the C. arabica cultivars derived from the crossing program of Híbrido de Timor. Therefore, this work was done to study the genome introgression of Híbrido de Timor and its impact on the cup quality on the C. arabica cultivars. For genome introgression and genetic relationship analysis, seventy-six accessions from C. arabica, C. canephora and Híbrido de Timor were analyzed using AFLP and SSR molecular markers. To understand the effect of genome introgressed from Híbrido de Timor on cup quality, three C. arabica, seven Híbrido de Timor and six cultivars derived from Híbrido de Timor × C. arabica were genotyped using SSR molecular markers and sensorial analysis was performed. The genetic diversity analysis among the tested genotypes showed high genetic similarity between Híbrido de Timor with C. arabica and clear differentiation among coffee species. The analysis of genome introgression of C. arabica and C. canephora var Robusta into Híbrido de Timor not reach 30% of C. canephora genome. The sensorial analysis of coffee genotypes demonstrated non-significant difference on cup quality parameters among C. arabica cv Bourbon and cultivars derived from Híbrido de Timor that showed the possibility of developing C. arabica cultivars without affecting the cup quality. Similarly, the SSR marker diversity showed high genetic similarity between the Bourbon and the C. arabica cultivars derived from Híbrido de Timor.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.