Research on Seedling Seeding Machine of Multi-functional Film Membrane Direct-Inserted and Hole-Seeding for Ginseng

  •  Lili Huang    
  •  Xiaobin Liu    
  •  Foshu Luo    
  •  Wenxiang Lian    
  •  Languang Lu    
  •  Yanjing Li    


The planter is designed for solving the problem of Ginseng seedlings, which not only meets the requirements of small particle seed metering, but also realizes zero-speed direct-inserted sowing, and can intelligently as well as automatically control the working performance of the whole machine, adapting to various sowing environmental conditions. The equipment is designed for seeding and breeding of the Ginseng seedlings, which is also possible to multiply the various grain-type plants by changing the size of the seeding device. The power system uses a non-polluting battery as power source, and the power is distributed to every moving mechanism by a speed reduction mechanism. The total mechanical equipment is light in weight, making it easy to operate and lowering the cost. The outstanding feature of this research is that the designed product can detect the depth of the seeding hole according to the control system in real-time. In order to prevent the ground conditions from affecting the depth of the hole, the suspension system is designed as a controllable spring suspension to avoid the leakage and invalid seeding. The stiffness and height of the suspension are more adapted to the sowing conditions and meet the sowing requirements.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.