Carcass Weight, Meat Yield and Meat Cuts From Arado, Boran, Barka, Raya Cattle Breeds in Ethiopia

  •  Y. Y. Mummed    
  •  E. C. Webb    


This study was conducted with the objective to evaluate carcass weight, meat yield and primal meat cuts of beef from Arado, Boran, Barka, Raya and nondescript cattle breeds slaughtered at export abattoirs in Ethiopia. Data was collected from Abergelle and Melgawendo export abattoirs in 2011. The result of the study revealed that the average live weight, warm carcass weight, cold carcass weight and warm dressing percentage of cattle slaughtered at the abattoirs studied were 241.41±0.37 kg, 106.93±0.21 kg, 101.19±0.18 kg and 44.21±0.05%, respectively. Live weight, carcass weight and dressing percentage were differ (P < 0.001) between abattoirs, seasons and breeds of cattle slaughtered. Average meat yield and yield percentage of cattle slaughtered at Abergelle abattoir was 61.56±0.94 kg and 67.81±0.33%, respectively. Meat yield and weight of primal meat cuts were different (P < 0.001) between breeds of cattle. Yield percentage was significantly (p < 0.05) different between seasons. Retailed meat yield was significantly predicted (R2 = 88.1%) from slaughter weights, Topside (R2 = 77.86), Silverside (75.64), Knuckle (R2 = 70.13), Striploin (R2 = 70.73), Tenderloin (R2 = 61.33), Shank (R2 = 64.55) and Rumpcap (R2 = 64.48). From the study it was concluded that Boran cattle was better in dressing percentage compared to most cattle breeds in Africa while the dressing percentage and meat yield of Arado, Barka and Raya breeds were less than the percent and yield reported for other zebu cattle in Africa. A strategy should be devised to improve the carcass weight, dressing percentage and retail able meat yield from local cattle in Ethiopia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.