Statistical Quality Control in Uniformity of Drip Irrigation With Different Slopes

  •  Allan Remor Lopes    
  •  Marcio Antonio Vilas Boas    
  •  Felix Augusto Pazuch    
  •  Luciano Dalla Corte    
  •  Diane Aparecida Ostroski    
  •  Marcelo Bevilacqua Remor    
  •  Fabíola Bogoni Mundstock Mohr    
  •  Marcelo Dotto    
  •  Alessandro Paggiarin Zanella    
  •  Acir Felipe Grolli Carvalho    
  •  Alvaro Rodrigo Freddo    
  •  Ivan Carlos Bertoldo    
  •  Kelli Pirola    
  •  Camila Moreno Giarola    


The topography directly influences the functioning of an irrigation system, being necessary the determination of the uniformity to verify its performance. Statistical quality control is a powerful tool for verifying the quality of a process. Thus, it was aimed to use the statistical control of quality in the evaluation of the uniformity of a drip irrigation system in different slopes. The Christiansen’s uniformity coefficient (UC) and Uniformity of Distribution (UD) were determined and analyzed by the control graphs of Shewhart, Zones and CUSUM and by the indices of process capacity (Cp, Cpl and Cpk), in different slopes (0%, 2% and -2%). The slope irrigation was more uniform (UC = 99.03% and UD = 98.45%), however, for all the graphs studied it was out of statistical control. Zone charts were more sensitive than the CUSUM and Shewhart charts.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.