Research on Advance of Rice False Smut Ustilaginoidea virens (Cooke) Takah Worldwide: IV. Identification of Rice Resistance to RFS, Management and Prospection of RFS

  •  Shiwen Huang    
  •  Lianmeng Liu    
  •  Ling Wang    
  •  Yuxuan Hou    


Technological issues in identification of rice resistance were discussed in this part, including inoculum and its preparation, inoculation concentration of inoculum, inoculation time and method. It is very difficult to control RFS, RFS can only prevent but not cure, i.e., to control the RFS only spray fungicides before symptomatic appearance (rice smut balls appeared) can achieve better control efficiency, while once the smut ball appeared it could not be controlled even the concentration of fungicides increase several times, or spraying multiple times. Therefore, in order to achieve better control efficiency to RFS, integratd control measures need to be adopted. The integratd control measures including agricultural control, rice resistant varieties application, cultivation techniques, fertilization and water management, and fungicides application is the last approach and emergency measure for controlling RFS.

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