Estimation Leaf Area by Composite Leaves of Canavalia rosea Seedlings Through Linear Dimensions From Last Leaflet

  •  Ana Paula Braido Pinheiro    
  •  Vinicius de Souza Oliveira    
  •  Karina Tiemi Hassuda dos Santos    
  •  Jéssica Sayuri Hassuda Santos    
  •  Gleyce Pereira Santos    
  •  João Vitor Garcia Silva    
  •  Adriele dos Santos Jardim    
  •  Lana Lirio Longue    
  •  Sara Francischetto Nunes    
  •  André Luiz Ribeiro Azeredo    
  •  Fábio Ribeiro Pires    
  •  Adriano Alves Fernandes    
  •  Omar Schmildt    
  •  Marcio Paulo Czepak    
  •  Edilson Romais Schmildt    


The objective of this work was to propose models of equations from measurements of the linear dimensions of the last leaflet for the estimation of the leaf area of the composite leaves of Canavalia rosea. For this purpose, 441 composite leaves of 198 seedlings were used, 45 days after sowing, produced in nursery and belonging to the Federal University of Espírito Santo, Campus São Mateus, located in the municipality of São Mateus, North of the State of Espírito Santo, Brazil. The length (L) along the main midrib and the maximum leaf width (W) of the last leaflet of each composite leaf, as well as the leaf area of all leaflets, were measured. Subsequently, it was determined the product of the multiplication of the length with the width (LW) and leaf area observed (OLA) from the sum of leaf area of leaflets in front of these measures were adjusted linear and non-linear equations of linear first degree, quadratic and power models, where, OLA was used as a dependent variable in function of L, W and LW as independent variable. Based on the models tested, we obtained equations for the estimated leaf area (ELA). The mean values of ELA and OLA were compared by Student's t test 5% probability. The mean absolute error (MAE), the root mean square error (RMSE) and the Willmott d index, were determined as criteria for validation. The best adjusted equation was chosen through the non-significant values in the comparison of the means of ELA and OLA, values of MAE and RMSE closer to zero, value of the index d near the unitary and higher values of R2. Thus, the leaf area of the composite leaf of C. rosea seedlings can be estimated by the power model represented by equation ELA = 2.2951 (LW)0.9474 quickly, easily and non-destructively.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.