Reduction of Production Costs in Agribusiness Companies in the Western Region of the State of Paraná Using Photovoltaic Systems Connected to the Grid

  •  Mario Elias Carvalho do Nascimento    
  •  Jair Antonio Cruz Siqueira    
  •  Carlos Eduardo Camargo Nogueira    
  •  Maritane Prior    
  •  Mauricio Guy de Andrade    


This investigation was a case study of designs for grid-tie photovoltaic systems in agribusiness enterprises in the western region of the state of Paraná, in Brazil. Electricity consumption data of three grain storage enterprises and a complex with three aviaries was studied. Their monthly electricity consumption and production costs data were collected, and solar radiation data for the same locations were collected from the SunData database. Indices that related electricity costs and production expenses, and the photovoltaic system costs and production expenses were developed. The indices showed to be efficient tools of cost relation for systems of different installed powers and different agricultural productions. The study showed a cost reduction in production of up to 62.71% for the aviaries, and 76.87% for the grain storage enterprises, concluding that the use of grid-tie photovoltaic systems reduces the cost of production and increases the profit of the enterprises.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.