Composition and Diversity of Areas Under Restoration Process From the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

  •  Marília Isabelle Oliveira da Silva    
  •  Luiz Carlos Marangon    
  •  Ana Lícia Patriota Feliciano    
  •  Marilia Alves Grugiki    


The evaluation of the forest restoration scenario is of great importance, with floristic composition and diversity being among the most used ecological variables as indicators. This research aimed to identify the current situation, in terms of species composition and diversity, of two riparian forests under restoration based on a reference ecosystem, the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Twenty permanent plots (250 m²) were located in areas under restoration process (AR1 and AR2) and in a forest fragment of the region which served as a reference ecosystem (ER). We sampled, identified and classified all tree individuals with CBH ≥ 15.0 cm in each plot. Aiming to understand species richness and diversity, besides the traditional indexes (Shannon and Simpson), we also estimated the effective numbers of Hill’s diversity (qD = 0, 1 and 2) considering rarefaction (P ≤ 0.05); and to detect floristic similarities among the study areas we performed a Principal Coordinate Analysis (PCoA). We found dissimilarity among ARs and ER, and the presence of exotic species, indicating that, as recommended, such reference should have been taken into account during the planning of the restoration action. Considering the effective numbers of species (qD) we found differences between the areas, species richness and diversity was higher in ER > AR2 > AR1. We also show that among the restoration areas, with the same age and submitted to the same conditions, AR2 has features that allow us to conclude that this area has a bigger chance of success in the restoration process. However, aiming environmental sustainability, we suggest that some corrective actions should be taken in order to favour the reestablishment of ecological processes in these areas.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.