Indicator of Quality of Water for Human Consumption in the Community El Comején, Masaya (Nicaragua)

  •  Dixon Nohel Morales López    
  •  Ismael Montero Fernández    
  •  Selvin Antonio Saravia Maldonado    
  •  Francisco Luis Acosta Díaz    
  •  Luis Antonio Beltrán Alemán    


Knowing the quality of water for human consumption is of utmost importance in the development of a country, since the poor quality of this vital liquid can be a source of diseases for the health of the population. The present work was carried out in the community El Comején, Masaya, in the Republic of Nicaragua, where microbiological analyzes were carried out in three sampling points (one well drilled and two taps). The physicochemical and chemical analyzes are in accordance with the norms established by CARPE, highlighting sodium as a major element with a concentration of 48.6 mg L-1 and potassium with 21.08 mg L-1. On the other hand, biological parameters such as total coliforms, thermotolerable coliforms, E. coli and fecal enterococos were analyzed, being found in some sampling points, values of total coliforms of 110 NMP 100 mL-1 being above the established limits, requiring a treatment additional to be suitable for human consumption.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.