Phytosociology a Humid Forest of the Chapada of Araripe, Crato, CE, Brazil

  •  José Edilson Gonçalves dos Santos    
  •  José Weverton Almeida Bezerra    
  •  Viviane Bezerra da Silva    
  •  Karina Vieiralves Linhares    
  •  Arycelle Alves de Oliveira    
  •  Natália Barbosa Campos    
  •  Janete de Souza Bezerra    
  •  Danúbio Lopes da Silva    
  •  Juliana da Silva Monte    
  •  Ana Cleide Alcantara Morais Mendonça    
  •  Marta Maria de Almeida Souza    
  •  Maria Arlene Pessoa da Silva    


The Chapada of Araripe is an exceptional landscape in the Caatinga, a seasonally dry tropical forest of northeastern Brazil, as it shelters several vegetation types, such as Carrasco, Cerrado, Cerradão and Humid Forest, different from the biome in which it is inserted. The first three phytophysiognomies mentioned above are already relatively well documented. However, studies of the Humid Forest of the Chapada of Araripe are still incipient. In this context, the objective of this work was to contribute to the knowledge of the composition and structural organization of the flora of a wetland area of the Chapada of Araripe, Crato-CE. The research was developed from April 2014 to February 2016 and all individuals with CAP ≥ 15 cm were sampled. The botanical material was collected in 100 plots (100 m × 10 m), between coordinates 7º14′36″S, 7º15′23.5″S and 39º28′50″W, 39º29′30.8″W at an elevation between 904 m and 963 m, at the top of the Chapada of Araripe, Crato-CE. The testimonial material was deposited in the Herbarium Caririense Dárdano de Andrade-Lima of the Regional University of Cariri. We sampled 3,067 individuals distributed in 59 species. The total basal area was 43,278 m2 and the density was 3,067 per hectare. The families Fabaceae, Myrtaceae, Rubiaceae, Lauraceae and Chrysobalanceae presented greater specific richness. The species Ocotea nitida (Meisn.) Rower, Protium heptaphyllum (Aubl.) Marchand, Licania sp. and Cordiera myrciiflora (K. Schum.) C. H. Press. & Delprete were the most important to the community due to the high IVI for the sampled area. The first occurrence of the genus Helicostylis for Ceará was recorded. The Humid Forest of Chapada of Araripe presents floristic elements from the Amazon Region, Cerrado and species of Atlantic Forest Domain.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.