Mathematical Models for Leaf Area Estimates of Guava

  •  Edney L. da Vitória    
  •  Ismael L. de J. Freitas    
  •  Tamara Locatelli    
  •  Elcio das G. Lacerda    
  •  Juliana M. Valle    
  •  Raphaela C. Pereira    
  •  Paloma F. P. de Almeida    
  •  Rafael Z. da Vitória    
  •  Carla da P. Simon    
  •  Adriano A. Fernandes    


The aim of this work was to compare methods of determining the leaf area of guava (leaf discs and scanned images) and to model leaf area as a function of linear dimensions. Four areas of guava ‘Paluma’ were selected (12, 15, 20 and 24 months of age) for the experiment in the municipality of Pedro Canário, ES, Brazil. We randomly collected samples from 15 plants in each area. Ten leaves were chosen among the lower, middle and upper thirds of each plant to ensure that leaves of all sizes were collected, for a total of 600 leaves. Subsequently, we determined the leaf area by the methods of digital imaging and leaf discs. Linear regression analysis and correlation analysis were used to compare the methods. Linear, quadratic and power models of leaf area, as a function of the length or width and/or the product of length and width were adjusted. The methods of leaf discs and scanned images are discordant. The method of digitised images was a better fit to the width of the leaf, while the method of leaf discs was a better fit for length.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.