Analysis of Egg Price Fluctuation and Cause

  •  Wu Yuhuan    
  •  Qin Fu    


In 2017, egg price in China has experienced a lot of ups and downs, which has had a significant impact on the laying hen farmers and the enterprises and related enterprises. In the first half of 2017, egg price fell, which has dropped to a minimum of 4.02 yuan/kg, while the profits of egg producers were impaired and the profit of egg processing enterprises declined. Starting in July, egg price recovered, breaking a price of 5 yuan/kg. Egg price rose sharply in August, reaching an average of 8.53 yuan/kg. In October, egg price began to fall, with a price of 7 yuan/kg. In November, egg price began to rise, rising to 8 yuan/kg. The sudden drop of egg price greatly affects the income and culture psychology of laying hen farmers, and influences the development of the egg industry. This study is aimed at egg price and egg price fluctuations in 2017, and get two conclusions: From January to July, due to the amount of laying hens breeding, breeding cost, information technology and the government’s environmental protection policy and terminal weak consumer spending, egg price fell sharply; egg price rebounded in August and December, and the highest price was in September and gradually steadied. At the same time, this paper analyzes the causes of egg price fluctuation from two aspects of supply and demand, and puts forward some suggestions on how to deal with the price fluctuations from the two aspects of enterprise and laying hen breeding farmers.

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