Optimum Plot Size for Experimental Cassava Production

  •  Roberto Pequeno de Sousa    
  •  Janilson Pinheiro de Assis    
  •  Walter Martins Rodrigues    
  •  Paulo César Ferreira Linhares    
  •  Eudes de Almeida Cardoso    
  •  Maria Francisca Soares Pereira    
  •  José Aluisio de Araújo Paula    


This work aimed to determine the appropriate size of a plot for evaluation of cassava production. We performed a uniformity trial with the Mastruço cassava variety, in Pacajús, Ceará, Brazil, under dry conditions. Forty plants were cultivated at a spacing of 1.00 m × 0.60 m, in 15 rows. We manipulated 23 different plot sizes. The optimum size of the experimental plot was estimated by the maximum curvature method and the linear-plateau segment regression. We found an optimal plot size of 5.59 m2 for cassava production, what is lower than the size generally used in cassava studies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.