The Most Preferred Food Labels Among Online Shoppers

  •  Jean D. Gumirakiza    
  •  Sarah M. VanZee    


This study explains the most preferred food labels among online shoppers when purchasing food products. The study uses data from an online-based survey conducted in 2016. Participants are 1,205 online shoppers residing within the South region of the U.S. Using a binary logistic model, we found that the likelihood for online shoppers to consider food labels (other than prices) into their purchasing decision-making is 86 percent. Using a multinomial logit model, we found that the relative probability for “locally grown” labels to be the most important is 46 percent, 7 percent for “organically grown”, 24 percent for both local and organic, and 23 percent for other kinds of labels. The most common other important labels among this last group include nutrition contents, and country of origin. This study is significant to fresh produce growers and agricultural marketers because it provides an explanation of food labels those online shoppers consider to be the most important when shopping for fresh produce. It is significant to food products regulators who are interested in enforcing regulations related to food labels. Future researchers will find this analysis useful when furthering knowledge about this increasingly popular market venue.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.