International and National Legal Framework for Maritime Environment Protection in the Hellenic Legal Order

  •  Korontzis Tryfon    


It is known that the subjects of maritime pollution, because of its international extensions and extensive environmental damage that this consequences, are regulated by International Conventions and basically by the International Convention MARPOL 1973, which was ratified (with its protocol of 1978) by the law 1269/1982.

However, these regulations were judged in European Union level as insufficient. Thus began from the European Union an effort for creation of a European regulating frame, equipped with effective, deterrent and proportional sanctions, basically penal, for the successful confrontation of pollution problems created by vessels.

In parallel with the international and European legislative frame has been developed also national legal frame in which are forecasted not only penal sanctions but also administrative and ddisciplinary which are imposed in the Hellenic seamen depending the case. All these legal forecasts aim in the protection of sea environment one of the most important for people’s existence.

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