An Introduction to the System of Appeals in Iran, Egypt and France

  •  Rasoul Maghsoudpour    
  •  Malihe Yavari Tamam    


The present study aims at exploring the system of appeals in Iran, Egypt and France in order to gain a better understanding of those systems. Firstly, the French legal system is explored. The organization of the French courts consists of the Court of First Instance, the Court of Appeal, and The Cour de Cassation. Under the French legal system, there are a few specific rules concerning appeal from judgment and appeal from other factors. Secondly, the Egyptian legal system as a codified law system was considered. It consists of three courts of First, Instance and Cassation. In fact, the Egyptian court of Appeal reconsiders felony cases. In general, the Egyptian Courts of appeal include eight courts and each court is independent and hears specific kinds of Claims such as economical and criminal matters. Thirdly, Iranian appeal system such as its deadline, effects and types is examined.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.