A Data Mining Technique for a Secure Electronic Payment Transaction

  •  Vipin Saxena    
  •  N.M.P. Verma    
  •  Ajay Pratap    


Due to the evolution of the Electronic Learning (E-Learning), one can easily get desired information on computer or mobile system connected through Internet. Currently, E-Learning materials are easily accessible on the desktop computer system, but, in future, most of the information shall also be available on small digital devices like Mobile, PDA, etc. Most of the E-Learning materials are paid and customer has to pay entire amount through credit/debit card system. Therefore, it is very important to study about the security of the credit/debit card numbers. The present paper is an attempt in this direction and a security technique is presented to secure the credit/debit card numbers supplied over the Internet to access the E-Learning materials or any kind of purchase through Internet. A well known method i.e. Data Cube Technique is used to design the security model of the credit/debit card system. The major objective of this paper is to design a practical electronic payment protocol which is the safest and most secured mode of transaction. This technique may reduce fake transactions which are above 20% at the global level, al beit, it shows a declining trend in the recent past.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.