Assessing China’s Long Term Export and Income Growth in the Global Markets

  •  Agapi Somwaru    
  •  Francis Tuan    
  •  Sun Ling Wang    


This paper delves into China’s differential growth in exports with high income and developing countries by focusing on bilateral content of China’s trade and particular exports over the time period 1979-2015. In the last 30 plus years, China has specialized in upstream capital goods and exhibited rapid diversification in consumer goods. Performing causality tests reveals a strong evidence of causality from the export growth of capital goods and consumer non-durable goods to gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. There is also evidence that the causality is bi-directional for consumer durable goods, intermediate goods, and primary non-energy goods with income. Econometric analysis shows a positive and statistical significant relationship between income and export growth of capital goods, consumer non-durable goods, intermediate goods, and primary non-energy goods. Trade openness allows stimulation of growth and efficiency as producers in China are exploiting areas in which they have a comparative advantage.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.