The Study of Monetary Policy Instruments and Implementation Challenge in Laos

  •  Maliny Sourigna    
  •  Shuzhen Zhu    
  •  Atsara Chanthavieng    


The monetary policies have been developed and implemented by the Bank of Lao PDR (BOL). This article presents the monetary policy framework in Laos which includes the policy instruments and implementation mechanism. The author applied the actual implementation and the existing theories to display the Lao monetary tools such as interest rate, open market operation, reserve ratio, exchange rate, credit control, cash flow management and relevant regulations. As well as the policy implementation mechanism has been presented in policy decision, operation department and operation mechanism.

The author applies the descriptive analysis on the monetary policy implementation challenge and addressing. They based on monetary policy theories, literature studied, and practical experience from the operation authority. The analysis has found the challenges as The limited of market operation; the dollarization and multiples currencies consumer preference; the challenge in Kip prices, and Kip lending; the foreign capital outflow. Then, the analysis moved forward to the challenge addressing. All of these measures are taken to maintain the efficient management of the monetary system, ensure an effectiveness of the monetary policy implementation in the long-term.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.