Evaluating the Dimensions of Service Levels in Chain Hotels: From the Perspective of Top and Middle Managements (An Empirical Study in Jordan)

  •  Hameed Aldebi    
  •  Nafez Nimer Hassan Ali    
  •  Sadik Hussein Abdulhassan    


The current study aimed at measuring the top and middle managements’ perceptions about the dimensions of the hotel service levels in ten chain hotels in Amman /Jordan. It also aimed to identify their characteristics, problems and challenges. The study’s sample consisted of ten chain hotels in Amman .Questioners distributed in (10) hotels to one hundred persons top and middle management, but just (65) questionnaires retrieved were valid to statistical analysis. The questionnaire covered four areas. The first area is represented in the core services of the hotel. As for the second, it is concerned in the supported services, whereas the third area is concerned with the hotel facilitated services. As for the fourth area, it is concerned with the augmented services. The study concluded that the aforementioned convenient sample hotels have an accepted level of perceptions about the dimensions of the hotel service levels and its characteristics and the challenges. That was attributed to the hotels’ capabilities to understand their activities and their complicated mechanisms. There are lack of information concerning the perceptions levels about some hotel mechanisms and activities which require specialized professional skills in the hotel industry. At the end of the current study, we suggested several recommendations and suggestions related to the nature of the marketing dimensions of hotel services which contribute in developing the hotel industry in Jordan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.