Green Entrepreneurship & Corporate Social Responsibility: Comparative and Correlative Performance Analysis

  •  Vasiliki Basdekidou    


In investment and trading, different CSR/CSE (Corporate Social Responsibility/Corporate Social Entrepreneurship) moral ethical firms, categorized in a number of groups, may be suitable for different financial instruments (i.e. USA sector ETFs) and different market volatility situations. For the purpose of this article we first (i) analyze the trading return performance of four CSR/CSE categories (in particular: green building, green products, green services, and green transportation); and then (ii) examine and comment the correlation between the market performance of a number of firms belonging in these four CSR/CSE categories and historical ETF market volatility. Finally, we (iii) suggest CSR firms as trading tools according to dominant market volatility. Other CSR/CSE categories (like: sustainability, executive sustainability, renewable energy, green IT, green ICT, etc.) would be examined in future research by following the introduced by this paper approach. Paper concludes that, in relatively less volatile markets the Green Transportation CSR/CSE ethical firms display better results. On the other hand, in strong market volatile situations it is better to trade Green Products CSR/CSE and Green Services CSR/CSE ethical firms. Finally, the Green Building CSR/CSE ethical firms are uncorrelated with the market volatility, as well as their performance is poor in all market cases.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.