Effect of Exports on the Economic Growth of Brazilian Microregions: An Analysis with Geographically Weighted Regression

  •  Augusta Raiher    
  •  Alysson Luiz Stege    
  •  Alex Sander Souza do Carmo    


This study aimed at analyzing the effect of exports on the economic growth of Brazilian microregions in 2010, based on the theoretical model developed by Feder (1982). The hypothesis is that the economic growth of a region results from the existing productivity differential between the exporting and non-exporting sectors, as well as from the externality generated by the exporting sector in the economy. To reach the results, a geographically weighted regression was estimated, identifying a positive effect on the externality in practically all the Brazilian microregions. Regarding productivity, its effect was limited to the microregions close to the two largest ports in Brazil.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.