VPIN and the China’s Circuit-Breaker

  •  Yameng Zheng    


The market microstructure theory and high-frequency trading analyze as quantitative investment’s frontier and hot issue is popular in China in recent years, but China’s stock index futures introduced later, so there are not much academic attention. This paper measures the probability of informed trading in China’s stock index futures market by VPIN method. The empirical results show that the VPIN can not only monitor the probability of the informed trading market of IF 300, IH 50 and IC 500, but also play an early warning role before the “circuit-breaker”. Tracking VPIN values allows the liquidity providers to control their position risk, and regulators can monitor the liquidity quality of the market, limit transactions in advance or tighten market controls.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.