The Critical Success Factors Influencing the Quality of Accounting Information Systems and the Expected Performance

  •  Omran Mohammad Al-Ibbini    


The ever-increasing complexities and controversial challenges in today’s accounting and financial environment require organizations to adopt and use high-quality accounting information systems. The study aimed to develop a conceptual framework for exploring the critical success factors that affect the quality of accounting information systems and the expected performance. After reviewing extensively the related literature, the study’s framework identified the quality of accounting information systems’ critical factors in terms of top management support, education and training, continuous improvement, user involvement, and risk management. The quality of accounting information systems has seven dimensions which were accuracy, audit ability, reliability, security, timeliness, flexibility, and user satisfaction. Furthermore, the study’s framework identified three major expected outcomes which are efficiency, effectiveness, and the integration of accounting and financial information from different sources.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.