The Joint Arabic Investments Role at Aqaba Special Economic Zone: Marsa Zayed as a Model

  •  Hanem Rajab Ibrahem Al-Darwesh    


The study addressed the role of Arabic investments in Aqaba special economic zone (ASEZ), and tried to answer the following questions: are the necessary potentials and features available in (ASEZ) to provide an attractive investment climate for the Arabic investments, what is the level of policies effectiveness for improving the investment climate in (ASEZ) to attract the Arabic investments, what is the level of guarantees effectiveness provided by (ASEZ) to encourage Arabic investments, and what is the level of investment privileges and facilities, related to the investments provided by (ASEZ) to attract the Arab investment to it. Data were collected through one study tool that consisted of 30 paragraphs by using Likert fifth scale. Study importance comes from its benefit to decision makers at (ASEZ) to avoid some of the pitfalls and barriers that face the investment in it, where the descriptive analytical approach was used to calculate the arithmetic means, standard deviations, percentages, and T-test on paragraphs of the questionnaire that was distributed by the simple random survey method. Study results showed the existence of distinctive characteristics within the investment climate at (ASEZ), and also concluded that (ASEZA) plays a big role in attracting Arabic investments to Aqaba, the study in return arrived to the existence of some barriers that limit the Arabic investments attraction to Aqaba, the most important of those are: management problems, multiple decision making parties, bureaucratic, and routine. The study recommended to reformulate operation of the united investment window, in a way that makes it a role model, to repair the internal house of government institutions and agencies dealing with investment, entrepreneurship or projects, and train staffs to facilitate the procedures offers for foreign investors, which encourage them to establish their projects there and improve the image of Jordan as an attractive country for investment and investors.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.