Relationship of Foreign Trade and Economic Growth in Eurasian Economy: Panel Data Analysis

  •  Nazife Kilic    
  •  Murat Beser    


In this study, relationship between foreign trade and economic growth had been examined for the countries of Eurasia Economic Union by using data in era of 1992-2015 with the help of panel data analysis. First of all, cross-sectional dependency and homogeneity test had been done in the study and it had been concluded that there is cross-sectional dependency in between the series. For this purpose, unit root and causality test considering the cross-sectional dependency had been applied. Relationship between the variables had been analyzed with the panel causality test developed by Konya (2006). It had been determined that there is bi-directional causality from growth to export and unidirectional causality from growth to import.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.