Empirical Research on the Influence Factors of Fresh Agricultural Products Circulation Ability and Regional Differences

  •  Cheng Yuanyuan    
  •  Wang Chonghu    


This paper based on the related data to fresh agricultural products circulation ability of 14 cities in Hunan province, applying for the factor analysis model, in order to reveal the important factor and regional differences of fresh agricultural products circulation ability. The results suggest that: from the perspective of the overall of Hunan province, GDP and per GDPPC have the most influences on fresh agricultural products circulation ability; for the different areas of the circulation ability, the effect of the same factors is different; from the time level, the circulation capacity of fresh agricultural products in Hunan province showed a trend of increasing year by year. In terms of space, the different cities have the different the circulation ability of fresh agricultural products.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.