Exploring the Role of Board Characteristics on Enhancing Financial Performance of Jordanian Listed Companies

  •  Laith Alaryan    


Corporate governance considered important topic at the local and international levels, especially after many financial crises and corporate failures and such as Enron and World Com This paper aims to explore the role of board characteristics, (i.e. board size, board composition and board leadership structure) on enhancing firms’ financial performance; this study used the non-financial companies’ annual reports for 6 years (2011-2016) to extract the needed information. The non- financial sector consisted form 167 companies, only 139 companies are included in this study due the lack of data during study’s period. The results revealed that there is a positive role for board composition, board leadership structure, board size, on enhancing financial performance, while there is no significant role for board tenure, on financial performance. These mixed results on the relationship between board characteristics and financial performance have opened up possible research area in the future. For instance, extending the sample to comprise more sectors from Amman Stock Exchange is worthwhile to further support or refute the results of this study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.